Using TotalSig with Web3

Web3 represents the next generation of the internet, where decentralized applications (dApps) operate on blockchain technology. TotalSig, with its integration of Web3 functionalities, allows users to interact seamlessly with these dApps. Here's how you can use TotalSig with Web3:

Understanding Web3

  • Web3 Overview: Web3 utilizes blockchain technology, enabling a decentralized internet where users have more control and ownership over their data and online interactions.
  • dApps Interaction: Web3 allows users to interact directly with decentralized applications without the need for intermediaries.

Setting Up TotalSig for Web3

  1. Ensure Compatibility

    • TotalSig should support the specific blockchain network that the dApp is built on, such as Ethereum.
  2. Accessing dApps

    • Open the dApp you want to interact with in your browser. TotalSig, as a Web3-enabled wallet, should automatically be detected by most dApps.
  3. Connect Your Wallet

    • When prompted by the dApp, choose TotalSig as your wallet provider and connect your wallet. This typically involves signing a message to prove you own the wallet.

Interacting with dApps

  1. Perform Transactions

    • Once connected, you can perform transactions such as sending tokens, playing blockchain-based games, or participating in DeFi platforms.
  2. Signing Transactions

    • For any transaction, TotalSig will prompt you to confirm and sign it, ensuring that you authorize all activities.
  3. Multisig Functionality

    • If you're using a multisig wallet, coordinate with co-signers for transaction approvals, especially for actions requiring multiple signatures.

Tips and Considerations

  • Network Fees: Be aware of transaction fees (gas fees) associated with the blockchain network you are using.
  • Security: Always ensure you're interacting with legitimate dApps to avoid scams.
  • Updates: Keep your TotalSig extension updated for optimal compatibility with Web3.


  • dApp Compatibility: Some dApps may have specific requirements that might not be fully compatible with TotalSig.
  • Technical Knowledge: Interacting with Web3 and dApps can be complex, requiring a basic understanding of blockchain technology.