Sending Assets (Coins, Tokens, NFTs)

Managing digital assets like coins, tokens, and NFTs is a crucial aspect of using any cryptocurrency wallet. TotalSig provides a user-friendly interface for these activities. Below is a guide on how to send and receive these assets:

Access Your Wallet

  • Open the TotalSig extension and select the wallet from which you want to send assets.

Initiate a Transaction

  • Find and click on the "Send" option within your wallet.
  • Enter the recipient's address and the amount of the asset you wish to send.
  • For tokens and NFTs, ensure you're on the correct network and select the specific asset.

Confirm Transaction Details

  • Double-check the recipient's address and the amount. Errors here can lead to irreversible loss of assets.

Authorize the Transaction

  • In a multisig wallet, wait for the required number of co-signers to approve the transaction.
  • Confirm the transaction with your signature (and others if it's a multisig wallet).

Complete the Transaction

  • Once all necessary approvals are in place, the transaction will be processed and recorded on the blockchain.

Managing NFTs

  • Sending NFTs: Choose the NFT from your wallet and enter the recipient's address. Confirm the transaction as you would with any other asset.
  • Always verify addresses and transaction details to prevent errors.
  • Be aware of the transaction fees associated with different networks, especially when dealing with ERC20 tokens or NFTs on Ethereum.
  • For multisig transactions, communicate with co-signers to ensure timely approval.