Limitations and Considerations

While TotalSig offers a range of functionalities for managing digital assets, there are certain limitations and considerations users should be aware of. Understanding these can help in optimizing the use of the wallet.

Supported Blockchains

  • Selective Blockchain Support: TotalSig supports a variety of blockchains, but it may not cover every existing blockchain. Users should check the list of supported chains for their specific needs.
  • Updates and Additions: The range of supported blockchains can change, with new ones added over time. Keep an eye on updates from TotalSig for new integrations.

Transaction Limits

  • Limit on Transaction Size: There might be limits on the size or value of transactions, dictated either by TotalSig or by the underlying blockchain’s protocol.
  • Multisig Transaction Considerations: For multisig wallets, transaction limits might also depend on the agreement set among the participants.


  • Cross-Chain Transactions: While TotalSig supports multiple blockchains, cross-chain transactions (transferring assets directly between different blockchains) might have limitations or may not be supported.
  • Compatibility with Other Services: Compatibility with external services like exchanges or different wallet types may vary.

Security Protocols

  • Security Features Limitations: While TotalSig employs robust security measures, the efficacy can depend on user practices (like safeguarding recovery phrases and using strong passwords).
  • Dependence on User Practices: The overall security also relies on how users adhere to recommended security practices.

Performance and Efficiency

  • Network Efficiency: Performance may vary based on the blockchain network’s congestion and efficiency.
  • Dependence on Technology Updates: The efficiency and speed of transactions can be influenced by both TotalSig’s and the blockchain network's technology updates.

User Experience

  • Interface Complexity: The user interface, while designed to be user-friendly, can have a learning curve for new users, especially those new to crypto wallets and blockchain.
  • Feature Accessibility: Some advanced features may require a deeper understanding of blockchain technology.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Jurisdictional Restrictions: Depending on your location, some features of TotalSig might be restricted due to local regulations regarding cryptocurrencies.