Receiving Assets

Managing digital assets like coins, tokens, and NFTs is a crucial aspect of using any cryptocurrency wallet. TotalSig provides a user-friendly interface for these activities. Below is a guide on how to send and receive these assets:

1. Open Your Wallet

  • Navigate to the TotalSig extension and select the wallet you wish to receive assets in.

2. Find Your Wallet Address

  • Locate the "Receive" option to display your wallet's public address or QR code.

3. Share Your Address

  • Provide the sender with your public address or QR code. Ensure it’s for the correct asset and blockchain.

4. Confirm the Receipt

  • Once the sender completes the transaction, check your wallet for the incoming funds.
  • The transaction might take some time depending on the network's congestion and transaction fees.

Managing NFTs

  • Receiving NFTs: Similar to tokens, use your wallet's public address to receive NFTs. Ensure the sender uses the correct format and network your NFTs are on.