Recovering Access to Your Wallet

Losing access to a cryptocurrency wallet can be stressful, but with the right steps and backups in place, it's often possible to regain access. Here's a guide on how to recover access to your wallet account:

Utilizing Your Recovery Phrase

  1. Recovery Phrase:

    • When you set up your TotalSig wallet, you were provided with a recovery phrase. This phrase is crucial for regaining access to your wallet.
  2. Initiate Recovery Process:

    • In the wallet's login screen, look for an option like “Recover Wallet” or “Use Recovery Phrase”.
  3. Enter Your Recovery Phrase:

    • Carefully enter the recovery phrase in the order it was given during wallet setup. Ensure there are no typos or mixed-up words.

If You Forgot Your Recovery Phrase

  • Check Backup Locations: If you’ve stored the phrase in a secure location (like a safe or a locked drawer), retrieve it from there.
  • No Backup: Without the recovery phrase, it's generally not possible to regain access to your wallet. This underscores the importance of securely storing your recovery phrase.

Updating Wallet Security Post-Recovery

  • Change Password: Once you regain access, consider changing your wallet’s password.
  • Backup the Recovery Phrase Again: Make sure your recovery phrase is stored securely and in a location you’ll remember.

In Case of Hardware Failure

  • New Device Setup: If your device is lost or broken, install the wallet on a new device and use your recovery phrase to regain access.
  • Contact Support: If you encounter issues, contact TotalSig’s support team for guidance.

Security Tips

  • Regular Backups: Regularly back up your wallet, especially after significant transactions or changes.
  • Secure Storage: Store your recovery phrase in a secure and private location.
  • Avoid Digital Storage: It’s risky to store your recovery phrase digitally (like in an email or a cloud service) due to potential cyber threats.

Losing access to your wallet isn't necessarily the end of the road. With your recovery phrase and a careful approach, you can regain access and secure your assets.