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TotalSig is a multichain multisig wallet that provides a unified UX/UI across all supported blockchains. Currently, it supports 11 blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tron. There are multiple asset types that our users can operate - ERC20, TRC10/20, NFTs, and integrate with smart contracts (Web3). The wallet is available as a Google Chrome extension and will soon be available on mobile in Google Play and Apple AppStore.

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Core Mission

TotalSig is dedicated to offering the safest, most user-friendly, and efficient self-custody wallet. It enables both individuals and businesses to conduct transactions, grow wealth, and expand operations with complete confidence and peace of mind.


TotalSig wallet is built on MPC technology - this technology significantly simplifies the interaction experience for multisig users and allows us to bring a unified UX for very diverse protocols like Bitcoin and Ethereum within the same application.

Focus on Trust and Efficiency

TotalSig commits to building trustworthy and efficient self-custody multi-signature solutions. This is aimed at empowering individuals and businesses to confidently accumulate assets and conduct on-chain and cross-chain transactions. They ensure that assets are protected, and transactions are secure and

Vision for Digital Trust

TotalSig's vision extends to establishing trust in the digital world, particularly in the realm of digital assets and transactions.

For a detailed understanding of TotalSig, including insights into its technology, user base, and future directions, you can visit our About TotalSig page.

Based on the information gathered from the TotalSig website and general knowledge about non-custodial and multisig wallets, the FAQ can be structured into several categories. Each category will address specific aspects of TotalSig and related wallet technologies. Here's a proposed structure for the FAQ:

  1. Community and Support
    • How to Get Help and Support
    • Contributing to the TotalSig Community
    • Staying Updated with TotalSig News and Updates

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