What is a multisig wallet?

What is a multisig wallet?

A multisignature (multisig) wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that requires multiple private keys to authorize a transaction. Traditional single-signature wallets need just one private key to initiate a transaction, leaving funds vulnerable if that key is compromised. With multisig wallets, even if one private key is compromised, the attacker cannot access the funds without a minimum number of keys.

Common Configurations and Flexibility

There are different multisig wallet configurations, the most popular setups are 2-of-2, 2-of-3, or 3-of-5, though other combinations are possible. For example, in a 2-of-3 configuration, you would have three private keys, but only two are necessary to authorize a transaction. 

Key Use Cases for Multisig Wallets

Multisig wallets have surged in popularity offering robust, secure and flexible solutions for various needs. Here are some pivotal use cases for multisig wallets:

Security Enhancement: Multisig wallets mandate multiple private keys for transaction authorization. For instance, in a 2-of-3 multisig wallet, two out of three authorized parties must endorse a transaction. This added layer of security significantly raises the bar for unauthorized access, reducing the risk of theft or fraud.

Business Operations: Businesses handling cryptocurrencies find immense value in multisig wallets. They empower the implementation of internal controls, necessitating approvals from multiple team members or executives to execute transactions. This guards against unilateral decisions and mitigates the risk of insider threats.

Group Control: Multisig wallets are instrumental for managing shared funds in joint ventures or partnership agreements. All participating parties hold keys, and consensus is required for transactions, averting disputes over fund allocation.

Charity and Non-Profit Organizations: Multisig wallets foster transparency when managing donations and funds for charitable organizations. Multiple individuals or board members must concur on fund disbursements, ensuring funds are used as intended.

Escrow Services: In industries like e-commerce and real estate, multisig wallets serve as ideal escrow tools. Buyers, sellers, and a trusted third party can each possess one key in a 2-of-3 multisig arrangement, ensuring funds are released only upon unanimous agreement on transaction conditions.

Inheritance and Estate Planning: Multisig wallets provide a secure avenue for handling digital asset inheritance. Users can designate family members or legal representatives as keyholders, ensuring access for loved ones in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Trading and Investments: Traders and investors employ multisig wallets to bolster security when interacting with cryptocurrency exchanges or investment platforms. Requiring multiple keys for withdrawals acts as a safeguard against unauthorized access.

Advantages and disadvantages


Increased Security: Even if one private key is compromised, funds remain secure as attackers need access to other required keys.

Backup: Multisig wallets allow for key recovery, contrasting with single-key wallets where losing the key means losing access to the funds.

Group Control: In business settings, multisig wallets introduce authorizations from multiple departments, strengthening internal controls.

Escrow: Multisig wallets facilitate trust-minimized escrow solutions, benefiting parties requiring intermediary assistance.


Complexity: Setting up and using traditional multisig wallets can be intricate, particularly for beginners. Simplified alternatives like TotalSig multisig wallets offer an easier approach..

Cost: Multisig transactions typically incur higher fees due to the need for multiple signatures, impacting transaction costs.

Coordination Required: In scenarios involving multiple keyholders, obtaining all necessary signatories for transaction approval can be cumbersome.

There are a handful of mobile and/or desktop multisg wallets out there, some with different limitations and better user experience than others. Check out our list of some of these wallets here.